Consultation on reserved matters applications

It is expected that the Chelsea Barracks development will be delivered in 6 ‘phases’. For each phase it is necessary to submit further planning applications for the detailed architectural design of the buildings contained within the relevant phase. Public consultation and events will be held for each phase of the development in turn.

The public consultation carried out to date on Phases 1 to 5A is documented in a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) for each phase.

Download the Phase 1 SCI here
Download the Phase 2 SCI here
Download the Phase 3A SCI here
Download the Phase 3B SCI here
Download the Phase 4 SCI here
Download The Chapel SCI here
Download the Phase 5A SCI here

Consultation on the masterplan

Extensive public consultation was undertaken on the development of the overall masterplan for the Chelsea Barracks site between August 2009 and the granting of outline planning permission in March 2012.

The Statement of Community involvement (SCI) submitted with the outline planning application describes the full consultation process and outcomes.

Download the SCI on the masterplan here
Download the summary of the SCI here
View the details of the masterplan here

Resident & Community Liaison Group

The Resident and Community Liaison Group was formed in 2009 to act as a sounding board for the evolution of the masterplan design. The Group draws together representatives form local tenant and resident associations, local business and retailers and key community and amenity groups, alongside members of the project team. Meetings continue to be held on a regular basis to discuss matters relating to each phase of the development and the construction works being undertaken on site.